Love-lies-bleeding #1091993

Amaranthus caudatus

The plant looks dry and there is a cup of water nearby. What will you do?
run away , do a raindance or water it
There are no known parents.

In South America love-lies-bleeding is known as Kiwicha, a word from one of the Inka languages, the Quecha. The Aztecs called it huautli. Other modern common names are foxtail, pigweed, tassel flower, velvet flower, quilete and amaranth. The name amaranth is Greek and means: „amárantos“ unfading, „ánthos“ flower. Due to its religious importance to the Aztecs the pseudocereal was more valuable than gold. It's been attributed to the magic powers of slowing aging and improving health and stamina. It stayed that way up till 1560 when the Spanish conquistadors arrived. Their declared objective was to physically and mentally weaken the native population, so the viceroy ordered the destruction of the fields and prohibited the consumption of amaranth. This resulted in famine with over 10 million casualties. Even after the ban was lifted, the plant was almost forgotten for hundreds of years.

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