Love-lies-bleeding #1057175

Amaranthus caudatus

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In South America love-lies-bleeding is known as Kiwicha, a word from one of the Inka languages, the Quecha. The Aztecs called it huautli. Other modern common names are foxtail, pigweed, tassel flower, velvet flower, quilete and amaranth. The name amaranth is Greek and means: „amárantos“ unfading, „ánthos“ flower. Amaranth is counted to the oldest crop plants of humanity, because seeds are accounted for in almost 9000 year old graves. Next to corn and quinoa, amaranth-seeds was staple food to the Aztecs, Inca, and Maya. Amaranth is botanically a pseudocereal. To bake bread, grains that contain gluten has to be added. The pixies like to roast the seeds till the pop and nibble them like popcorn.

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